Best Dream Catcher Mobile Casino in 2023

Dream Catcher is based on a famous brick-and-mortar casino game. It is a favorite for many players because of its simplicity and excitement. Players simply make a bet and spin a wheel for real money.

The Dream Catcher game uses an upright vertical wheel with 54 different colored sections split like a pie or cake. Each colored area has a number such as 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. There may also be multiplier sections. The colored and numbered section pays out different odds if a player is lucky enough to land on it. The odds correspond to how many of the same number and colors exist on the wheel. Colors with more sections attract lower odds, while colors with fewer sections attract more odds. For example, 40 pays more because there are very few sections with 40 on the wheel. However, the opposite is true of number 1, which is the most common number on the wheel.

Players put a bet (usually casino chips) on a number they believe it will land on. They are typically placed on a table with squares in an offline casino. Still, on a mobile casino, this may differ.

A winner receives the bet back, and the amount won. So if a player bets $5 on the number 2, they receive their bet of $5 and then another $10 (2 x bet of $5) from the Dream Catcher casino. However, not getting a number means that the bet has been lost. All the winners are paid, and the losing bets are cleared off the table. Then, the mobile casino will commence another spin.

Spinning the wheel for real money is the perfect way to learn more about the world of casino games. The game is loads of fun and keeps people playing for hours.

Best Dream Catcher Mobile Casino in 2023
What is Dream Catcher?