Lithuania Gaming Control Authority

With an economy that is quickly expanding, Lithuania’s mobile casino landscape is an integral part of entertainment options in the region. The regulatory authority, named Lithuania Gaming Control (LGCA) oversees all forms of gambling, including mobile casinos. Since legalizing gambling in 2001, the casino industry is highly regulated.

By 2016, mobile gambling required an operator to apply for and receive a gaming license from the authority to legally operate. For mobile casinos based in other regions, the mobile casino operator must partner with one of Lithuania’s licensed land-based casino operations to meet regulatory requirements.

Lithuania Gaming Control Authority
Mobile casinos licensed by Lithuania Gaming AuthorityAbout LGCA License
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Mobile casinos licensed by Lithuania Gaming Authority

Lithuania’s gamblers may enjoy various types of mobile casino games. As long as a mobile operator has a valid gaming license issued by the authority, it may provide services to area residents. The same rules apply for mobile sportsbooks.

The region’s regulatory agency blocks international mobile casinos that attempt to illegally operate within the Lithuanian region without proper licensure.

More than 165 online casinos offer services to Lithuanian citizens and are duly licensed by the authority. Of those licensed, a large portion offer mobile access via web-based gaming on a mobile device or a mobile application. These casinos provide services by accepting deposits and wagers in Lithuanian Litas, U.S. Dollars, and Euros.

Featuring an extensive selection of casino games, the mobile casinos offer slots, table games, poker, and other digital games for mobile users. If operating in the European Economic Area, a mobile casino may obtain a digital gambling license for one casino, betting parlor, ten or more slot machine establishments, or five or more horse racing venues.

The authority closely monitors web-based gambling in the region, including mobile casinos. Strict regulations pertain to licensure to ensure that all Lithuanian gamers experience a safe, secure, and transparent mobile casino experience.

About LGCA License

Lithuanian Gaming Control Authority has doubled down on unlicensed mobile casino operators, which are targeting consumers nationally. The authority continues to confront non-compliant mobile operators.

Only licensed businesses with permission to offer online gambling in the region may provide mobile gaming services to the region’s citizens. Operators lacking the proper permits are operating illegally in the mobile gaming space.

The Republic’s Gaming Law sets the regulatory requirements for online and mobile gaming operators in Lithuania. In a warning to mobile casino operators, the authority encouraged all remote gambling operations to ensure that each platform is properly licensed or is not available to Lithuanian gamblers.

The Gaming Law curbed the fraud that substantially increased in the region’s online gambling landscape before its enactment. From illegal websites to unscrupulous practices designed to increase addictive behavior, the old way of online gambling gave disreputable casinos free access to Lithuanian citizens.

The authority is responsible for enforcing the new regulations and restoring trust in mobile gaming in Lithuania. If a casino has no presence in Lithuania, it is required to partner with a licensed casino in the region, which has a land-based operation. These partnerships ensure that mobile casino operations adhere to the strict regulations.

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