January 20, 2020

Desktop vs mobile casino gaming

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While desktop gaming still holds a distinct advantage over its mobile counterpart, the gap is closing – thanks to rapidly evolving smartphone technology.

Desktop vs mobile casino gaming

Mobile gaming: Quickly catching up with the desktops

Recent advancements in cellular technology have vastly reduced the gap between desktop-oriented casino gaming and that experienced on a smartphone. Nevertheless, key differences still exist, especially as they pertain to customer preferences, accessibility to gaming platforms, and the availability of gaming options – not to mention obvious differences in display sizes.

First and foremost, the two platforms tend to attract different kinds of players. Those who prefer a desktop are generally more serious players, placing higher bets than their phone-using counterparts. They are more comfortable with the perceived security afforded by a desktop computer, while more casual players – who play for smaller stakes – prefer smartphones.


Another major difference between desktop and mobile gaming involves accessibility. While smart devices, such as phones and tablets, allow players to place their bets wherever there is internet access, they also come with disadvantages when compared to desktop computers, which generally afford the player more gaming features and options.

Generally speaking, desktop gaming provides players with a wider range of choices, including the number of games on offer. This is due mainly to the smaller size and capacity of mobile devices, which makes certain gaming features impossible. This is rapidly changing, however, with online casinos offering more games designed specifically for mobile players.

Display size limitations

In terms of gaming, the most obvious difference between a desktop computer and a mobile device is display size. While the former boasts a large screen (not to mention a keyboard and mouse), the latter is confined to a relatively small one, meaning fewer graphics and less detail.

What’s more, smart devices – especially phones – are confined to simple keypads, which have the effect of limiting the number of control options available to the player. This is also one of the main reasons that serious gamers tend to prefer desktop gaming, which puts far more options at their fingertips.

Closing the gap

But while desktop gaming still holds a distinct advantage (except, of course, in terms of mobility), the gap appears to be closing. As smartphones become ever more ubiquitous, more and more online casinos are catering specifically to mobile players, who are quickly becoming their main customer base.

As a result of rapidly evolving smartphone technology, mobile gaming continues to make notable strides, with better graphics and sound effects, along with vastly improved interoperability. Innovations like these are sure to widen the appeal of online gaming to a global audience, while promising mobile players an ever more gratifying gaming experience.

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