How to Play on Slot Machines



Find any online or brick and mortar casino, and you won’t miss slot machines. Video slots are fun to play and are exceptionally profitable if you employ the right approach. But how do online casino slot machines work? This is an issue that even the most experienced casino players struggle to understand. So, this page will unravel all slot machine myths to give you a front foot when playing video slots.

How to Play on Slot Machines

What is a video slot machine?

As I’ve said, real-money slot machines are common in any casino. One of the reasons is that they generate the most revenue for the casino than any other game. That said, a slot machine is a real-money casino game where players insert coins in a slot before spinning the reels. Modern slot machines use computer software to generate outcomes randomly. Therefore, the reels are just there for show, whether you’re playing in a land-based casino or online casino.

How do the casino slot machines work?

First of all, a casino slot machine has no less than three reels, with each one having several symbols. While physical slot machines have 20+ symbols, online casinos can have up to 256 symbols with millions of possible winning combinations. The winning combination in a bet is called “paylines.”

But how do online casino slot machines work? Video slots feature Random Number Generators (RNG) for creating thousands or millions of numbers per second. Each generated number is attached to a winning or losing combination. So, whether you lose or win, the actual result is predetermined by RNG. In other words, you can’t predict the outcome of a video slot game.

How casinos make money from slot machines

The biggest online casino wins are from playing video slots. For example, Jonathan Heywood, a British soldier, struck luck after winning US$17.2 million playing Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive slot. Alexander from Sweden also won $9.7 million after playing NetEnt’s Mega Fortune. So how do online casinos manage to stay afloat despite these big wins?

These casinos use Return to Player (RTP) to determine the amount the slot pays out. In simple words, the player can’t win more than 100%. So, if you’re playing a slot game with a 95% RTP rate, the payout will be $96 for every $100 wagered. Therefore, the trick is to find a video slot with a higher RTP rate. Overall, the RTP makes slots extremely lucrative for the casinos.

Are online casino slot machines rigged?

If slot machines can be rigged, then almost all land-based and online casinos would close shop by now. But to make sure that the slot machine is fair, play in regulated online casinos. Find casinos regulated by top jurisdictions like the UK Gaming Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, and so on. Also, check for eCOGRA certification.

How to win playing slot machines

Apart from choosing a regulated and fair online casino, there are a few things you should do to win playing video slots. Firstly, know that playing video slots for long hours doesn’t guarantee success. Because slot machine results are random, persistence may only end up depleting your bankroll and throwing you in a financial mess.

Another underrated but crucial point is to choose video slots that fit your playing personality. Are you looking for jackpot opportunities or small but frequent wins? For significant victories, select three-reel video slots as they emphasize more on jackpots, albeit more losing spins. On the other hand, choose video slots with pick’em bonuses to enjoy frequent small wins and extended gameplay. So, decide which one offers the most value.


Slot machines are fun to play but only if you have a deep understanding of the game. After reading this article piece, I’m sure you can play and win on any slot machine. But always remember that experience is vital. Therefore, take risks and try out new things.

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