Why AI is the Future of Online Gambling



AI (Artificial Intelligence) is quickly taking over. Good examples are the Apple Siri and Google Assistant that runs almost everything on your phone. As expected, the gambling industry has quickly embraced the latest technologies and trends. From land-based casinos to online casinos, then live online casinos, the industry has evolved significantly. So, this article explains how AI has transformed online gaming and what the future has in store.

Why AI is the Future of Online Gambling

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Before diving deeper into details, it’s essential to know what exactly AI is. Well, it refers to machines programmed to act the way humans do. In other words, these machines simulate human learning, thinking, and problem-solving skills. They can interpret the data entered and take similar actions in the future based on your preferences.

How AI is Improving the Gambling Industry

Like any other online service, the user experience is critical to the success of the casino business. The best mobile casinos use AI to predict the types of games a player likes and customize their homepage with such games. In return, a player doesn’t have to scroll through the whole game catalog searching for their favorites.

Also, when logging into a mobile casino account, the casino uses AI technology to remember login details the next time a player visits the website. This makes it effortless for a player to access the game collection. You don’t even have to remember your password every time you want to play.

Improved customer experience

Further, AI enhances customer support by giving human-like responses to the most-asked questions and issues. In fact, AI is a lot quicker than humans, who take their time researching and typing answers. However, it’s advisable to directly contact the casino support through email, phone, or live chat for more technical queries such as ID verification or funds withdrawal.

Spot fraudsters and cheaters easily

The online gambling world is full of cons looking to reap from unsuspecting players. Fortunately, regulatory bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and other legal bodies are there to protect players. And that’s not to mention bodies like the eCOGRA that perform thorough audits on casino games to ensure fairness and honesty.

But this alone doesn’t cut it. With AI, the casino operator can quickly nail down cheaters by looking at every player’s gaming habits. As you may already know, credit card fraud is a serious problem with bodies like the UKGC banning credit card gambling altogether. Again, AI systems can detect unusual payments and prevent them from going through. Plus, AI can prevent casino account theft by predicting the behavioral patterns of the account.

Prevent Gambling Addiction

According to recent research in the US, at least 80% of adults (18 years and above) gamble yearly. This information is from a sample size of 2630 residents, with men more likely to gamble than females. That isn’t a big surprise, anyway.

On the other hand, in October 2020, the UK Gambling Commission introduced stringent rules for regulating VIP gambling.

But while both online and land-based casinos are there to make money, they have to prevent gambling addiction at all costs. Luckily, AI technology helps online casinos know how long a specific player gambles and with how much. Plus, AI can help them develop solutions such as placing deposit limits and automatic timeouts that players never go beyond.

The Future Looks Bright

Like it or not, AI is here to stay. Computers and mobile phones are becoming smarter and more powerful. This could render human services obsolete in the future. They can crunch numbers and turn them into useful information in a heartbeat. So, if you love mobile gambling, this should be excellent news.

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