August 19, 2021

Mobile Casino Scams: How to Avoid Getting Scammed

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Online casino games are growing in popularity recently. Even though most of them are legitimate, sadly, a few are there to steal people's money and personal information.

Mobile Casino Scams: How to Avoid Getting Scammed

This is why everybody interested in investing in online casinos should be courteous of the methods and tricks used to scam. This article discusses some of the mobile casino scams, legit mobile casinos, and ways to avoid mobile casino scams.

Things indicating mobile casino scams

The economy is proliferating, making life a bit harsh and this enables people to come up with ways to steal your hard-earned money. Beginners are the ones who are most affected because of the pressure for money. They quickly fall into traps because of the attractive offers that are scams, hence losing their money.

Some of the red flags to keep an eye on are;

Slow withdrawal process

After undergoing an intensive account verification process, your withdrawal process is still delayed for weeks, months, and eventually, you convince yourself your money is gone. To avoid such traps, it is better before settling on a particular company to go through the people's review section and have an idea of people's experience with the company.

Huge bonuses that seem too good

Most mobile casinos offer first signup bonuses which are part of their marketing strategies, but for you as an investor you need to know when the deal is too good you have to think twice. These kinds of bonuses are sometimes used to entice you to sign up and deposit your money there.

Still, after doing so, is when you realize the procedure of playing the game is long such that you cannot master it and after winning it is hard to withdraw the money. Among others is the absence of customer service and asking too much for personal data.

Choosing a legit mobile casino

As a player, you need to know how to distinguish legit casino games from scam ones. Among the things to consider here are some of the things you can bear in mind:


The fundamental aspect that you should check on first before investing in a mobile casino is to check if they have a gambling license. If the company has no license, declare that as a red flag zone and avoid it.

Check on online reviews

Here, you can gather other people's opinions on their interactions with the company. Do some intensive research and if you find more negative feedback from the people, avoid the company.

Checking the block list

Here, casinos with scamming cases are shortlisted, it is therefore, a good idea to go through it. If you find the company's name in the list avoid it.


As a good player doing research should be one of your ultimate goals before trusting a company with your money. At CasinoRank, we taste and evaluate all the mobile versions of the casino. We will help you in choosing the best mobile casino. You better spend a long time researching than being in haste then get scammed your money. If you follow the outlined conditions above, your chances of being scammed will be minimal.

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