Best Caribbean Stud Mobile Casino in 2023

Caribbean Stud is a type of poker that can be played through a mobile casino. It is similar to 5 card poker. The difference between Caribbean Stud poker and 5 card poker is the lack of bluffing and more opportunities to hide a hand from the dealer. Caribbean Stud came about in the 1980s and became more popular as Caribbean stud poker online grew.

Caribbean Stud requires that a player's hand must beat the dealer’s hand only, not the other player's on the table. It uses the same types of hands as poker.

Each player begins by putting money on the table for the ante bet. This is important because it sets up the amount that is gambled later. Each player receives five cards face down. The dealer gets five face down cards also with one being face up. Players then look at their cards, choose to fold their cards and lose the ante bet. They can also call to keep playing which requires double the ante. A $5 Ante will become $10 to keep playing. When all the players have either folded or called then the dealer reveals their card.

The dealer's cards must qualify with an Ace and a King to take on players. If the dealer doesn't qualify then players receive the bets they put on.

Players win with a better hand and if not then bets are lost. The amount paid will include the ante and the rest depends on the type of hand ranging from a pair which pays even money to a Royal Flush which pays 100-1.

Some basic strategy should be used to increase chance of winning. Bet with a pair or better or an Ace King and one other card matches the dealer’s upcard. Bet with Ace King Queen or Ace King Jack and any other cards that match the dealer’s upcard. These are just a few strategies and players should do some research before betting.

Best Caribbean Stud Mobile Casino in 2023
What is Caribbean Stud?

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