Google Set to Allow Real Money Mobile Casino Apps on Play Store



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Google has just announced that real money mobile casino apps will soon be available for download on the Google Play Store.

Google Set to Allow Real Money Mobile Casino Apps on Play Store

The company is following in Apple's footsteps, which made a similar announcement back in March of this year. This news comes as no surprise, seeing how most people now use their smartphones to play games and gamble.

The real money option will be available to users who are at least 18 years old. For those who are not yet eligible within the age limit, there is still hope! You can simply go through our website for up-to-date information about real money gambling sites and where they offer an 18+ version of their software platform.

Android users will be able to download mobile casino apps

Android users have been restricted to downloading casino apps on the Play Store, but this will be a thing of the past as Google has announced that it is set to allow real money gambling after March 1st. This means Android user's download process won't get any trickier!

The new change to the Google Play Store makes it possible for Android users to download their favorite casino apps directly from this store.

Previously, these downloads were only available through a website run by the provider of that app and not right in the open on your device itself like other games are able to be downloaded off of an online store such as Amazon or iTunes.

Now with all gambling apps being accepted into this section you'll find them listed under "Casino" which is where they should have been categorized in previous years when there was no consistency among providers about how their product could be found.

We can't wait until more casinos start making use of google's offerings!

Downloading Mobile Casino Apps on Android

Google has changed the policy for real money gambling apps on their Play Store. Previously, you could not download these apps from Google's own app store because Android users had to get them through other means like operator websites or App stores depending on what phone they used. Apple allowed its iOS customers to directly access and install casino applications while this was less accessible with Android phones which required a manual installation process that is more difficult for some people who are less tech savvy than others.

As of March, Android users will need only to pop up the Play Store and search for the app they want. The phone can then do all the work by itself. This is not the only positive outcome which came out of this episode - soon mobile casino apps are going to be available in Google's store as well! That means that with a single tap on their screen, people who use phones won't have to worry about scammers anymore; it'll already be protected.

Best Mobile Casino Apps on Play Store

Play Store will allow real money gambling apps and daily fantasy sports apps, as well as advertising for them. Google has created specific guidelines to make sure these new developments are safe. For example, developers of the app must have a reliable age verification process and provide proof that they are licensed by their jurisdiction’s regulatory body before being accepted into Play Store's catalog. They also need to follow certain regulations when displaying ads on mobile devices such as ensuring there is no redirecting or pop-ups from outside sources within an ad banner.

Downloading mobile casino apps from the operator’s website is a safe process, as long as it's an honest and reliable place. However, having them available on Google Play Store makes things much easier for customers. Not only does this provide added guarantees to users who may not be sure about their gambling site choice, but also speeds up installation times by downloading directly onto your phone instead of waiting for you to do it manually!

In a surprising move, Google has opened up their Play Store to gambling apps. Thanks in part to the ever-growing market of gamblers, especially those living in the US and across Europe with an increasing number of countries legalizing slot machines and casinos, this was likely just another logical step for them as they look into opening more avenues that will allow people like us even greater opportunity for fun!

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